NCPI Administrative Coordinating Center (ACC)

The NCPI Administrative Coordinating Center (ACC) provides technical, administrative, coordination, and project management support across NCPI participants and collaborators.

The ACC performs a pivotal role in coordinating activities across the NCPI ecosystem. The ACC is a central component to the NCPI ecosystem, and the ACC team is comprised of highly collaborative team members from both:

  • RTI International - Direct OTA Awardee and partner
  • Deloitte - Partner

Project direction and leadership is provided by:

  • Elizabeth Robbins - Contact Principal Investigator - RTI International
  • Dr. Vivien Bonazzi - Principal Investigator - Deloitte

ACC's performance as the overall administrative body of the NCPI ecosystem is centered around 5 main project tasks:

  • Task 1 - Support and oversee Interoperability Project awards
  • Task 2 - Provide project management and coordination as the overall administrative coordinating center body with the NCPI ecosystem
  • Task 3 - Support NCPI training, outreach, and other community building activities
  • Task 4 - Support NCPI's governance structure and coordinate working groups
  • Task 5 - Support, facilitate, and monitor the adoption of RAS (NIH CIT Researcher Auth Service) by NCPI

More information:

If you would like additional information about the ACC's role in the NCPI ecosystem, please email