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This is an extensive collection of training resources covering major AnVIL components including Terra, Gen3, and Dockstore. It includes information about setting up and managing accounts, accessing data, running analysis workflows and performing interactive analyses.

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NHLBI BioData Catalyst

This is BDC's documentation on data access, exploration, and analysis, as well as information about the several platforms and services it leverages to offer its tools, applications, and workflows in secure workspaces.


This is a comprehensive collection of CRDC training resources developed by SevenBridges targeting users with different skill sets.

Kids First

The Kids First DRC supports the Kids First Data Resource Portal for building virtual cohorts and identifying data files. The Portal is integrated with CAVATICA, a cloud-based storage, sharing, and analysis platform developed by Seven Bridges.

Tutorials & Demos

NCPI Cross Platform Data Access Demo July 27, 2021

A demonstration of accessing datasets from four NCPI platforms in a single computational workspace.

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Interoperability and Cloud Computing Resources

dbGaP FHIR API Docs Free
Get Started with GA4GH APIs Free
AWS Skill Builder Mix of free and subscription courses
Microsoft Azure Resources for Academic Research Free
Grow Skills with Google Cloud Training Most cost and some are free
Getting Started with AnVIL Free
NHLBI BioData Catalyst Documentation Free
Cancer Research Data Commons Documentation Free
Cancer Data Science Course - Chapter 1: It's Never Too Early to Learn Cancer Data Science Free
Kids First Data Resource Center - KF Portal Overview - Common Fund Data Ecosystem Training Free

Archived Training Events

Train Your Colleague - Virtual Session March 17-18, 2020

The goal of this training session was to provide background information on the AnVIL, BioData Catalyst, Cancer Research Data Commons, and Gabriella Miller Kids First Platforms involved in the NIH Cloud Platforms Interoperability (NCPI) group to the trainers and developers of these platforms.