Current Projects

These projects have been awarded from the 2023 NCPI Interoperability Project Solicitation (March, 2023):

  1. Facilitating understanding of shared disease mechanisms leveraging interoperability standards across dbGaP/SRA, ImmPort, and Kids First DRC
    Allison Heath, PhD; Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
  2. Connecting FHIR, and CDA and DRS across NIH cloud resources
    Kyle Ellrott, PhD; Oregon Health and Science University
  3. AnVIL-BioData Catalyst interoperability project to leverage GTEx, T2T and HPRC to study rare genetic variants in TOPMed cohorts with deep phenotype data, whole genome sequence data, and RNA-sequence data
    Michael C. Schatz, PhD; John Hopkins University
  4. AnVIL/Velsera-CGC interoperability project to study the genetic and transcriptomic contributions towards Hispanic colorectal cancer health disparities
    Michael C. Schatz, PhD; John Hopkins University
  5. Integrated data exploration of AnVIL and Kids First to enable sex-biased chromosome association and determine the genetic basis of Ollier disease and Maffucci syndrome
    Benedict Paten, PhD; University of California, Santa Cruz