NCPI Steering Committee

The NCPI Steering Committee (SC) includes NIH staff from ODSS and NCPI Partners.

The Steering Committee ensures alignment between the NCPI interoperability activities and the activities and plans of the individual partner systems.

The NCPI Steering Committee:

  • Provides Scientific and strategic guidance and recommendations to the NCPI program office
  • Receives monthly updates from the NCPI Administrative Coordinating Center (ACC)

The NCPI Steering Committee members:

  • NIH NCI Tanja Davidsen (SC Chair) and Erika Kim
  • NIH NHGRI Valentina Di Francesco and Christopher Wellington
  • NIH NHLBI Regina Bures and Sweta Ladwa (SC Co-Chair)
  • NIH NICHD James Coulombe and Marcia Fournier
  • NIH NLM-NCBI Ian Fore and Brandi Kattman
  • NIH OD Chris Kinsinger and Anthony Kirilusha
  • At-large-member Valerie Cotton (NIH NICHD)